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UpGrade™ for professional level Report Cards!

Take a look at what LTGI UpGrade™ can do:

  • Enter, edit, and print report cards—anywhere, any time
  • See student photos on-screen or print on report cards
  • Supports multiple classes, buildings, and grade levels per teacher as well as multiple report card formats for each student and for each grade, and multi-page report cards or multiple report cards per page
  • Supports specials, split-classes, and team-teaching
  • Users can use graphical, spreadsheet, or yearly data entry—whichever they prefer

We can use your existng report card templates, or reformat them to a new look and format

Many customers come to us after they've wrestled with internal solutions like Word documents and Excel spreadsheets that they shared on the network, Access databases that were used on certain computers, and even many commercial products that are already provided by their Student Management Systems. We can take those templates and make them database-driven, with point & click interfaces that are available any time, anywhere, and on virtually any device.

Secure access to your cards from home or school

Teacher, building, semester, and District-level security helps maintain data integrity. We can use your existing Micosoft Active Diretory (ADS) network logins, LDAP, and local database security so there are no new passwords for your staff to remember

Uses existing teacher, student, class, and schedule information

Automatic nightly imports from most student management systems like NCS Pearson's PowerSchool, SASIxp and CIMS products, as well as Zangle, Synergy, and others

Easily changeable and flexible to handle your toughest cards

Your staff can create standard, comments that can be selected, combined, and edited for highly-personalized comments and narratives for every student. Report card formats and data entry fields can easily be changed by District staff.

PDF Report Cards are previewable and printed through standard browsers on PCs, MACs, iPads, and other

For convenience, UpGrade can also print rosters, class lists, attendance, mailing labels, and more. You can also add optional barcodes, photos and other student information. UpGrade creates black and white or color PDF report cards by student and class.

Create (or add to exsting) digital student portfolios (CA-60) with a single click

UpGrade™also creates files that can readily be used for digital CA-60 or for easy retrieval from cold-storage, CD, DVD or other storage.

Use existing Microsoft® AD Network Usernames and Passwords

No new username or password to remember! Most of our products can use your existing Microsoft® Network's Active Directory usernames and passwords.


We specialize in the unique needs of K-12 districts. Our products are fully customizable to your preferences—colors, logos, text and data fields.


Our products are very user-friendly, but training is always available. And, of course onsite, telephone, and remote support are always available too.

The Technical Stuff

Our products can either be installed in your district, on your server, or we can host the application for you. They're browser-based so you just need a standard Internet browser to them—inside the District—or at home. They're built on industry-standard products, including Microsoft® Windows operating system, Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), and Microsoft-SQL Server database. And we work with you and your IT staff to integrate it into your existing website & network, so the installation is fast and easy.

Affordable pricing

We offer a one-time license fee as well as Annual Software Support and Maintenance service to ensure that you receive support, new features, and updates.

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