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LTGI Open Campus™—StudentID Scanning & Notification

LTGI Open Campus™ works with your existing barcoded student ID cards. It reads information from your Student Information System and provides students with a “Green” (good to go) screen or “Red” (not permitted) screen when their ID card is scanned. Building administrators are able to determine the criteria for the approval (green) and denial (red) screens, including student GPA, parent permission, behavior incidents, Administrative permission or other.

Applicant Central®—Online Employment Applications

Attracting and hiring the best candidates begins with the first interaction with a potential new hire. That's why Applicant Central® is the preferred solution for making the posting, application, and hiring processes easy. Applicant Central™ combines recruiting, qualifying and hiring into an automated and seamless process. Candidates search for job postings in your district, complete on-line applications, upload their resumes, transcripts, certificates, and other documents. And since you can communicate instantly via email, you'll spen less time answering telephone questions. With Applicant Central® you'll save hours of valuable staff time.

LTGI UpGrade™—Web-based Elementary Report Cards

With UpGrade™, your staff can enter, edit, and print report cards—anywhere, any time and they can see student photos on-screen or print on report cards. UpGrade™ supports multiple classes, buildings, and grade levels per teacher as well as multiple report card formats for each student and for each grade, and multi-page report cards or multiple report cards per page as well as Specials cards, split-classes, and team-teaching. Likewise, users can use graphical, spreadsheet, or yearly data entry—whichever they can print their cards from home, using most any common browser.

Mobile Applications

Today's Districts need real-time access to a variety of information, and we can help. We create mobile apps that run on iOS/Android smartphones and tablets.

MailOut®—District to parent e-mail listservs

Use MailOut® to send custom rich-text HTML e-mails and attachments directly to parents and community members. This web-based product is installed on your server and expands your districts communication capability. With MailOut®, parents are better prepared for upcoming field trips, school events, and closures; and the community receives current information on bond updates, agendas for school board meetings, the latest team score, and more.

Contact Central®—Printable, Database-driven Staff Directory

Contact Central™ converts K-12 paper staff directories into an electronic format that can be accessed through your website. Parents, staff and the community are able to search and print a customized PDF version that matches your current paper format. With Contact Central™ every version of your directory is the latest and can updated at anytime. You can provide phone, e-mail, district building, and other fields you specify. We work with you to identify specific district needs and match your current paper directory.

Calendar K-12™—Multiple-layer Building and District Calendar System

Rather than relying on paper, parents and the community can access Calendar K–12™ online, at their convenience. Parents can combine calendars to create a personalized versions to suit their specific needs. They can even combine categories from different schools, including: Lunch menu, PTA meetings, Vacations days, TV schedule, and more! They can display and print calendars for all district events by day, week, or month.

Start to Finish™—Employee On-Boarding and Off-Boarding: Welcome and Termination Broadcast and Management System

Start to Finish™automates the notification of new and terminated employees and also tracks items that they need to receive or have received. It sends emails to all departments, Principals, and Administrators notifying them of new employees as well as terminated employees. The emails sent to each department asking for specific items for new employees can be easily customized and might be used to notify departments of a new or terminated employee, issue a network login, provide a phone extension, issue building key and alarm codes and more. When employees have received items, training, or other, department heads just click a link in the e-mail and the database is updated with the date and time the employee received the item. And... when employees leave the District--you can notify departments using a different set of custom e-mails. They'll be notified to remove the employee from Payroll, offer Cobra benefits, collect their keys, cancel their network login, remove their alarm code, or any other termination function. Start to Finish™ tracks the date/time and status of all items, training, and related topics you've set up. You can report every transaction for employees as well as who has received specific items, i.e. like keys to specific buildings, alarm codes or other.

CMS Website System™—Database-driven Content Management Website System

Working with the Rochester Community School District in Rochester, Michigan, we provide the best K-12 content-management-driven website system available. Using the RCS Website System, teachers and staff can easily create web pages, sub-sections, blogs and more, complete with photo galleries, full-text searching, RSS feeds, and more. Designed and installed specifically for K-12, it eliminates the need for HTML editors and word processors to create websites. Today's turn-key solutions don't provide the flexibility or ease needed for K-12. The RCS Website System enables staff to use an easy menu-driven interface to post content, add and auto-resize photographs, post content in advance as well as expire content, add and change calendar events using drag and drop technology, and do it at a fraction of the cost and time for other website systems.

Automatically update Microsoft® Active Directory

Using the LTGI AD Importer™—, Students and Staff can be automatically imported into your Microsoft Active Directory each night from your student and employee management systems.

Our customers can quickly populate student containers, including assigning rights and passwords, creating e-mail addresses, assigning home directories and appropriate permissions, place students and staff into various groups and containers, and more. The import process is fed directly from your student and employee management systems enabling you to automatically revoke or add access as your rosters change. Contact us for more information about this innovative product.

Change AD Network Passwords via Web

Are you rolling out iPads or other mobile devices? iPad users need access to network printers, storage, or other resources, but unfortunately, there's no way for them to change their passwords. This web-based application is linked on your public or Intranet website and enables students and students to log in using their current username or student/employee ID and change their Microsoft Active Directory password. Contact us for more information about this innovative product.

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