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Mobile Applications

Mobile, immediate, and real-time information from your Student Systems, Employee Systems, and other District databases

In addition to our current products, we write mobile applications to your specifications. The world today is driven by immediate, accurate information. Help your staff and parents get (and provide) the most up-to-date information about students. Imagine some of the scenarios below... would they help you, your staff, or parents in your District? You would have this information on your Android, iPhone, iPad, PC, MAC, or other--whether at home, in-District, at a football game--virtually anywhere, anytime. Using our mobile applications--or your custom-designed apps, you could provide immediate anywhere/anytime access to student schedules, student photos, bus numbers, emergency contact information, other:

  • Enable teachers to take instant attendance via student photo and store that information instantly in your database
  • In a lockdown, get real-time attendance lists with room numbers, staff names, in-building guests, and other information
  • You could also enable bus attendants to look up student bus numbers right in the loop
  • Parents can get the latest news, videos, and event information on their smartphones, computers, and other devices
  • Parents can also look up attendance, grades, contact information, and any other in-District information
  • Virtually any other challenge where instant information can help you and your District

Today's Districts need real-time access to a variety of information, and we can help. LTGI provides mobile apps that run on iOS/Android smartphones and tablets

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