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Parents can subscribe to an unlimited number of District, building, classroom, or any other list, and they manage their own e-mail addresses

Get your message to parents instantly with MailOut®

Parents often find out a little too late that there’s an important message for them in the bottom of their child’s backpack and now you can help!

Now, you can MailOut® to send custom rich-text HTML e-mails and attachments directly to parents and community members. This web-based product is installed on your server and expands your districts communication capability. With MailOut®, parents are better prepared for upcoming field trips, school events, and closures; and the community receives current information on bond updates, agendas for school board meetings, the latest team score, and more.

Communication—when they need it, and how they want it!

Parents and community members opt-in to receive information about the district, schools, classes, and other important information. Users of MailOut® control their own account and can submit several e-mail addresses, providing them flexibility for how and where they receive your message.

Save time and money…

MailOut® lowers administration costs—you’ll reduce the manual paper process, the expenses for paper and postage, and the number of incoming phone calls, MailOut® also increases parent participation, community involvement and even boosts event attendance.

Integrate easily into your district

MailOut® is effective and simple for administrators to use. The capability of providing information to parents and the community is distributed throughout the district. You determine who has access—teachers, principal, superintendent, or administrative staff.


MailOut® is integrated into your existing web site and requires little or no staff time to use or maintain. Because MailOut® is a self-service application, account information is maintained by parents and community members (i.e. current e-mail address), providing your district with a much more reliable list and less returned e-mail. MailOut® includes it's own e-mail queue system so you can search for messages sent and waiting-to-be-sent as well as see total messages sent to/from whom, cancel pending deliveries, and more. MailOut™ also stores attachments and inserts links to the e-mail messages--this greatly improves the speed of mail sent and enables Administrative staff to monitor attachment access.

Use existing Microsoft® AD Network Usernames and Passwords

No new username or password to remember! Most of our products can use your existing Microsoft® Network's Active Directory usernames and passwords.


We specialize in the unique needs of K-12 districts. Our products are fully customizable to your preferences—colors, logos, text and data fields.


Our products are very user-friendly, but training is always available. And, of course onsite, telephone, and remote support are always available too.

The Technical Stuff

Our products can either be installed in your district, on your server, or we can host the application for you. They're browser-based so you just need a standard Internet browser to them—inside the District—or at home. They're built on industry-standard products, including Microsoft® Windows operating system, Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), and Microsoft-SQL Server database. And we work with you and your IT staff to integrate it into your existing website & network, so the installation is fast and easy.

Affordable pricing

We offer a one-time license fee as well as Annual Software Support and Maintenance service to ensure that you receive support, new features, and updates.

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