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600+ Webmasters at Rochester Community Schools

Rochester Community Schools, a suburban community in Southeast Michigan, serving 14,500+ K-12 students, needed an easy way for teachers and staff to create web pages and provide online content for parents, students and community members.

The district realized the existing web development process could no longer adequately meet district needs. Staff members were continuously frustrated by the multitude of steps that were required to create and post online content. Teachers were using various HTML editors and word processors to create personal websites to provide class-related information. In response to the demand for a user-friendly development tool, the district researched several available products, but weren't satisfied with the solutions or costs of those options. The decision was made to build a web engine that could accommodate the staff needs and allow for a securely managed web environment. In addition, the website had to be compatible with the District's existing infrastructure and be self-sufficient with regard to support and maintenance. The District couldn't add new staff or increase their training budget.

LTGI created an RFP (Request for Proposal) for the District described as a distributed, database-driven or "CMS" (Content Management System) website system. A CMS website system provides menus and form fields that enable teachers and staff to "fill-in" sections of the website and the programming and database create the website pages automatically, including consistent colors, navigation, headers & footers, and more. The District's RFP listed core elements and desires of the District, along with detailed descriptions of the technical requirements and very general descriptions of the aesthetic features desired. This enabled vendors to focus on the creative design and database features and enabled the District to minimize the technology impacts of the site. Once the District selected their vendor, LTGI managed the build of the site to the specifications of the RFP and helped guide the process.

After the launch of the website, we presented the website system at several K-12 technology conferences, other districts wanted a similar solution. LTGI and the District began marketing and selling the product to other districts. Now, the solution, has grown dramatically to include a superset of features, integration with LDAP/Microsoft Active Directory, auto-resizing of photographs, full rich-text/HTML support, video and podcast hosting, and more.

Every teacher manages his/her pages and can create an unlimited number of sub-pages, videos, podcasts. Consistent colors, graphics, footers, integrated search engine, intranet-secured content, and more ensure that your information is always quickly and easily updated and presents a consistent experience to parents and prospective parents.

Some districts prefer a look similar to others, and some districts want a unique design just for them, and we create both types of sites.

Use existing Microsoft® AD Network Usernames and Passwords

No new username or password to remember! Most of our products can use your existing Microsoft® Network's Active Directory usernames and passwords.


We specialize in the unique needs of K-12 districts. Our products are fully customizable to your preferences—colors, logos, text and data fields.


Our products are very user-friendly, but training is always available. And, of course onsite, telephone, and remote support are always available too.

The Technical Stuff

Our products can either be installed in your district, on your server, or we can host the application for you. They're browser-based so you just need a standard Internet browser to them—inside the District—or at home. They're built on industry-standard products, including Microsoft® Windows operating system, Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), and Microsoft-SQL Server database. And we work with you and your IT staff to integrate it into your existing website & network, so the installation is fast and easy.

Affordable pricing

We offer a one-time license fee as well as Annual Software Support and Maintenance service to ensure that you receive support, new features, and updates.

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