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Keep parents involved in your latest events

There are some events parents can’t afford to miss—Calendar K-12™ keeps parents involved in school activities.

Calendar K–12™— helping parents stay involved with school activities

This interactive, on-demand application integrates into your district’s web site and allows you to provide current dates for all district-related events. Calendar K–12™ offers parents and community members instant online access to the most up-to-date school and district events.

Organization for all

Staff can add content to their own calendars for specific dates, times and locations. Events can be created for building groups, such as “All Elementary Schools,” “All Middle Schools,” and “All High Schools.” Events can also be imported through our easy-to-use import feature.


Rather than relying on paper, parents and the community can access Calendar K–12™ online, at their convenience. Parents can combine calendars to create a personalized versions to suit their specific needs. They can even combine categories from different schools, including: Lunch menu, PTA meetings, Vacations days, TV schedule, and more! They can display and print calendars for all district events by day, week, or month.

Technology and security

Calendar K–12™ offers multi-level security to support users throughout the district. Like our other applications, it is installed on your in-district Windows® server and, in most cases, can use your existing network usernames and passwords. Calendar K–12™ is integrated into your district’s web site and requires minimal administrative time. It’s also compatible with common browsers and can be customized if you have specific needs.

With Calendar K–12™, parents and community members have access to:

  • School schedules
  • Athletic events
  • District, buliding, classroom activites
  • Lunch menus
  • District meetings
  • Report card / progress meeting dates
  • Half-days, vacations and school closings

Feedback from Parents...

  • "Easy to use and find dates."
  • "I can view several activities at the same time."
  • "Now I can keep my children's schedules organized!"
  • "The printer-friendly option is helpful. I can hang the calendar somewhere visible."
  • "I can print multiple schools on a single calendar!"

Use existing Microsoft® AD Network Usernames and Passwords

No new username or password to remember! Most of our products can use your existing Microsoft® Network's Active Directory usernames and passwords.


We specialize in the unique needs of K-12 districts. Our products are fully customizable to your preferences—colors, logos, text and data fields.


Our products are very user-friendly, but training is always available. And, of course onsite, telephone, and remote support are always available too.

The Technical Stuff

Our products can either be installed in your district, on your server, or we can host the application for you. They're browser-based so you just need a standard Internet browser to them—inside the District—or at home. They're built on industry-standard products, including Microsoft® Windows operating system, Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), and Microsoft-SQL Server database. And we work with you and your IT staff to integrate it into your existing website & network, so the installation is fast and easy.

Affordable pricing

We offer a one-time license fee as well as Annual Software Support and Maintenance service to ensure that you receive support, new features, and updates.

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