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Innovative K-12 Software: Smarter, Faster, Done. is a technology consulting, software, and services company serving K-12 school districts and higher education. Our products are specially designed to help staff and administrators do things faster, more effectively, and more efficiently. Our customers include some of the most successful school districts in the country.

Mobile Applications

Today's Districts need real-time access to a variety of information, and we can help. We create mobile apps that run on iOS/Android smartphones and tablets.Read More»

K-12 Applicant Tracking

Applicant Central® automatically creates an electronic resume database of qualified applicants that is exclusive to your district. This database can be accessed at any time, and from anywhere. You can find candidates by certificate, job preference, or other criteria that you choose. Read More»

District CMS Websites

Parents looking for a great school, and parents of current students, need fast, consistent, and easy-to-find information. For nearly ten years, Districts have helped us refine and improve our CMS website designs, products, and methodology to ensure rave reviews.Read More»

Elementary Report Cards

With UpGrade™, teachers can enter, edit, and print report cards—anywhere, any time—using graphical, spreadsheet, or yearly data entry–whichever they prefer. It supports multiple classes, buildings, and grade levels per teacher as well as multiple report card formats and multi-page report cards. Specials classes, split–classes, and team–teaching are also supported and we automatically import information from Pearson's PowerSchool, SASIxp, and CIMS products as well as most popular student management systems. Your staff can create standard comments that can be selected, combined, and edited for highly personalized comments and narratives for every student. Report card formats and data entry fields can easily be changed by District staff. For convenience, UpGrade can also print rosters, class lists, attendance, mailing labels, and more. You can also add barcodes and QR codes, logos, student photos and other student information. UpGrade creates black and white or color PDF report cards by student and class. Read More»


We've been working exclusively with technology-aggressive school districts and higher education since 2001. We love to share the success that others have had–and how they did it–and how they avoided major pitfalls.

Serving K-12 School Districts and Higher Education since 2001.

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